West Wing OPEN Campaign
West Wing OPEN Campaign
West Wing OPEN Campaign
West Wing OPEN Campaign
West Wing OPEN Campaign
West Wing OPEN Campaign

West Wing OPEN Campaign

To celebrate the opening of Memorial Union’s new west wing, we created a comprehensive marketing campaign.

With the new Wheelhouse Studios and Outdoor UW — along with the redesigned and upgraded Wisconsin Union Theater and a host of improvements designed to make the Memorial Union more comfortable, more accessible, and more enjoyable — now there are more ways than ever to entertain new possibilities (or just be entertained).  With one simple word, OPEN explicitly connects the Memorial Union and the UW students, Union members, and  Madison community for whom without it the university — and Madison itself — just wouldn’t be the same.

The Memorial Union is a defining space on campus — one that sets the UW apart from virtually every other university in the country. Adorning the building itself, and using its own features to emphasize our message, will go a long way toward providing inspiration and building awareness.

Sending our message throughout campus via signs, banners, and posters on other defining spaces — unexpected ones, even — takes that a step further, extending the reach of the campaign to ensure that the cultural, educational, and recreational opportunities the Memorial Union has to offer remain always top-of-mind.

Specifically included:
– Event invites for celebrations throughout the year
– Brochure highlighting the new spaces
– Physical signs and banners
– Display Cases
– Newspaper Advertising
– HTML email
– Website section
– Social media headers
– Posters (promotional kiosk, posters)
– Gobo
– Flags

Employing the iconic sunburst from the Memorial Union logo, OPEN positions the Memorial Union as a conduit for any creative endeavor or recreational opportunity a UW student or Union member might hope to pursue — and, hopefully, even a few they’ve never thought of before.

More than just a celebration of the renovation and reopening of some Memorial Union favorites, OPEN is an invitation for students and the Madison community to consider new possibilities, new opportunities, and new directions. The color palette, echoing the iconic chairs on the Memorial Union Terrace, suggests the promise of summer, the potential of new beginnings, and the defining nature of the Memorial Union as a place to gather, connect, and explore.

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